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How I Achieved Maximum Success with Screens


Points Of Consideration When Hiring An LED Screen

The use of LED screens in indoor and outdoor events has become popular. Unfortunately, you may find that LED screens are an expensive piece of electronic. Thus the option to rent an LED screen is important when you cannot afford to buy an LED screen for your activities. LED screens are a relatively new form of event equipment. As such, only a few event companies have full understanding of the factors to consider when hiring LED screens. If you find that you are unable to make a decision about LED screens when hiring one, then here are some tips on the factors to consider.

Indoor or Outdoor Events

Perhaps the first thing to consider when renting an LED screen is whether your event will be carried out indoors or outdoors. If your event is an outdoor event, then consider renting waterproof LED screens. Indoor LED screens should not be hired for outdoor events because they may not be bright enough, and they could be damaged if exposed to water. Therefore, if you are going to hire an LED screen for an outdoor event, you should hire LED screens that cannot get damaged by exposure to harsh weather elements.

Distance to the Audience.

The LED screen resolution varies depending on the model. High resolution LED screens to allow viewers to stand close and get a good view. Unfortunately, the LED screens with high resolution are often expensive to hire. But you may not require high-resolution LED screens for your open-space activities because the viewers often stand far from the screens in outdoor events.

Stages and Structures Needed.

LED screens are of different models and makes, and the weight of the LED screen may vary according to models. As such, there is a need to consider the types of stage, fixtures, and structures that will be available during event planning before you make any decision when hiring an LED screen.
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Power Usage

Current makes of LED screens consume less power than their older versions. But the older versions use more power and may not be as efficient as the new models. Therefore, it is advisable to hire newer models of LED screens if you can get them at your rental outlet.
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Visual Engineering Crew

Most equipment is as good as the people that use them in delivering service. Many LED screens have the capacity to make impressive visual and graphic effects. If you have the right visual technician, the LED screen you hire can be transformed from a mundane television screen to an impressive visual tool for your event. Therefore, when going for a big screen hire, you should also hire a skilled visual engineer. With these considerations you are ready for your LED screen hiring.


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