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The Best Advice About Painting I’ve Ever Written


A Guide to Wine and Painting

People who stay away from drinking wine probably think that wine is bad for their health and that if they drink wine they will be drunk and have all those diseases that no body wants. These people fall short in their thinking because wine is actually very good for their health considering they drink it in moderation. With that said, let us look into why wine is beneficial to you, but first let me share a short story of what happened to me. There was one night I was painting and I was really sleepy so I decided to open up a bottle of wine that was just sitting on a table I was beside. I think I drank a couple of glasses and something magical happened, I became sharper and felt more energy rush into my blood.

While wine can cause a lot of health conditions such as liver failure and heart problems, it can also benefit your body a lot. Of course you have to drink moderately if you want to attain these healthy benefits. Yes, it is true that wine and alcohol are addictive beverages and a lot of people have serious drinking problems.

Below are a few benefits of drinking wine.
The first benefit we will look at is that wine is actually beneficial to your heart. Wine has a lot of antioxidants that are natural and these are called phenols, these help protect your heart and keep it healthy. Phenols in wine and beer can also help in lowering your risk of hypertension, which is abnormally high blood pressure. When you drink wine moderately, you will actually be helping your heart, too.
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Another benefit from drinking wine is that it can give you a much fresher breath. Drink a glass of wine and swish it in your mouth or have a shot of vodka to deal with bad breath.
This next benefit is my favorite one. Studies have shown that drinking wine can produce sharper thinking, higher grades and more energy. Perhaps this is the reason I was so energized that night. Alcohol contains ethanol which aids your brain neurons fight back against the wearing and tearing. Drinking a glass of wine or a more can definitely increase your creativeness and sharpen your mind more. People who drink wine can actually solve problems better and are the more creative ones. This is why I drink wine while I paint.
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Let us just all be careful of drinking too much as this can lead to many vices. Hope you learn a lot from these benefits.


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