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What to Consider in Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are made specifically for gamers and are the preferred choice of most gamers. Unlike a traditional PC mouse, a gaming mouse allows greater accuracy and features a functional design that lets gamers use it for extended periods of time.

Deciding on the right gaming mouse is not always easy because it comes in different shapes and forms and offer different features. Here are some of the considerations that you need to factor in when you are making your decision.

Basic Types of Grip
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Figure out how you hold your mouse. People typically use three kinds of grips. Check the two main buttons of the mouse. If they do not look distinctive and the mouse looks rather big, it is probably a palm-grip mouse. If they are clearly visible and the mouse appears to be quite small, it is most likely intended for fingertip and claw-grip players.
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Palm Grip – This is how most people hold their mouse with the entire hand lying flat on the mouse, with the thumb and the pinky finger are on the sides. This grip exerts the least amount of stress on the hand and can enable gamers to play for longer periods without strain.

Claw Grip – This is similar to the palm grip, but characterized by arched fingers forming the shape of a claw. This type lets gamers respond quicker to stimuli, but exerts more stress on the hand.

Fingertip Grip – With this grip, only the fingertips of the gamer rests on the mouse and the palm does not make contact with the surface of the mouse. This is called the ideal gamer’s grip because it allows for quick input and movement when playing; however, this exerts the most strain on the arm.

Types of Games Played

Figure out the most typical kind of games you play. Most mice are designed for first person shooter (FPS) games, but if you prefer RPG or MMO games, look for mice that have more programmable buttons and macros.

Wired versus Wireless

A wireless mouse is a good choice if you are looking for more flexibility and a wider range of movement. Players who prefer to hook their laptop to their TV will appreciate the fact that they can still use their mouse from across the room.

A wired mouse, on the other hand, offers a more secure connection. There is a lesser risk of transmission lag. For PC games that requires players to respond quickly, such as FPS games, this is a very important issue.


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